Stem Cell Nutrition

Stem Cell Nutrition

Stem Cell Nutrition by Cerule

An increase in the number of adult stem cells gives us more building blocks to repair, recover, and rebuild. Adult stem cell natural release rates from the bone marrow decline as we age.

By 35 years old, the natural stem cell release rate drops by as much as 45%

By 50 years old, the natural stem cell release rate drops by as much as 50%

By 65 years old, the natural stem cell release rate drops by as much as 90%

All of the cells in our body have a limited life span. Some cells live for days, others live for weeks, months, and some for years.

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and good food feed, nourish, and protect our cells. However, no matter how much you feed and protect your cells, they will eventually die off, and it’s only your adult stem cells that will replace these dying cells with brand new healthy cells.

What can you do to prevent the decline?

Specific nutrients have been identified that stimulate the body to produce and give a sustained release of 25-30% more adult stem cells into the blood from bone marrow naturally. 

Better healing

Increasing circulating numbers of innate stem cells has the advantage in being able to increase healing where you know it is required but all our other areas and tissues you may not be aware of too. 

Better maintenance

Every day our body is continually turning over and repairing our organs, skin and joints etc. Some parts renew at quicker rates than others, but we need everything to function as well as can be for us and our animals to be our optimal health. If stem cell nutrition is used as an ongoing supplement, the body will maintain itself better and effectively reduce the ageing degeneration process throughout the body.

Roger is now recommending stem cell nutrition supplementation for older individuals over more commonly recognised supplements that frequently support specific areas such as the joints but neglect other essential areas of the body such as the organs.  Any system is only as good as it's weakest link and the body is no different. It is best to keep all systems at their best.

The Cerule range of products work together to not only release significantly higher levels of adult stem cells into the circulation, but to support their nutrition and the circulation to areas of the body that need them the most.  They are excellent support for Scenar treatment, which is why Roger gets excellent results with joint cartilage and ligament repair with his clients - horses, dogs and people!!

Our cutting-edge products are backed by science

Our flagship products have been studied in multiple third-party independent clinical trials that document their health benefits. Our Research & Development team has pioneered many advancements in nutritional science, including the revolutionary discovery and development of the world's first stem cell enhancer: StemEnhance. We hold several patents on StemEnhance, which remains the most studied and clinically proven stem cell support product on the market.

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