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A single Scenar treatment session by Roger at his home.

A Visit Fee to cover Roger's motoring costs, diesel, or travelling time is payable for treatments at your yard or home. This is calculated based on mileage for the round trip, Roger's time to drive the round trip, and how many visits are in your area together. The more treatments you can arrange in your area, the more the visiting costs can be spread out amongst you all.

What is Scenar?

Scenar represents the ideal treatment modality, treating each patient as an individual and responding in real time to guide the body towards health

SCENAR is an acronym for Self-Controlled Energy-Neuro-Adaptive Regulation. Scenar is universally recognized as an ideal electrotherapy and one of the best examples of reflexotherapy.

If I had to describe Scenar in simple terms I'd say it's like a TENS machine with a very sophisticated brain and an IQ of 5000! In evolutionary terms, if TENS is Neanderthal then Scenar is way cleverer than Einstein and all other geniuses there have ever been together!! The Scenar signal effectively amplifies the pathological signal to the brain to trigger a bigger response. The Cosmodic signal amplifies the brain's response. In the "Slider" model that Roger uses to treat animals integrates both modes so that they work alongside each other proportionally according to the feedback. The device roger uses to treat people includes the latest ENS mode too that can work on local nerve loops rather than having to loop back to the CNS.

Scenar therapy was developed in Russia by a highly qualified Scientific team led by Alexander Karasev who has a joint degree in Medicine and electronics. The economic situation in the former USSR forced Doctors to look to non-pharmaceutical ways of treating. Karasev later developed Cosmodic therapy after he branched out on his own, and most recently ENS. The devices are used in hospitals and paramedic ambulances to great effect, often significantly reducing or even removing the requirement for surgery and/or drugs.

In 1997, Roger was the only veterinarian in attendance at the very first Scenar training course given in the UK by some of the top Russian scientists and doctors involved in developing Scenar, and the treatment techniques. In 1998, Roger became the first vet in the world to adapt the treatment for animals, and based his veterinary practice around its use. Although he now mostly treats horses and dogs for sports injuries, he has also treated cows, pigs, rabbits and cats in the past, and for medical problems too where organs are malfunctioning eg heart disease. There is no reason why other species cannot be treated too. Roger also treats people in his capacity as a human practitioner.

Reflex areas of the skin (through their electrical properties) and tissue resonant frequencies provide up-to-date information about internal structures and organs within the body. This information will cover both structural integrity and functional capacity. Using skin electro-stimulation and a very sophisticated electronic feedback, the device continually monitors the parameters and adjusts the next treatment signal accordingly. The Scenar signal is very close to a natural nerve impulse so the body can recognise and respond to it. It helps the brain to recognise where there is a problem and by stimulating the release of natural body chemicals it enables the body to heal itself more efficiently. Scenar results are fast, intense and long-lasting. The latest device that Roger uses starts to predict how the body will react and anticipate any problems to lead the healing around these stumbling blocks in advance. Treatments speeds are very much faster as a result.

Each placement of the device is treated as a novel situation and is treated individually in real time, taking into consideration all parameters that can determine how the body can respond and heal. The only delay in treatment is the processing capacity of the custom microprocessors. As time has progressed, they have gotten faster and faster. Every time I think Scenar cannot be improved, and every time I have upgraded, I am amazed at how much better my new device is than the last one! This is why I always get the newest models in order to provide the best treatment possible.

Healing success figures for have been quoted in Russia at 80-90% across all conditions, of which 2/3 will be cured. This corresponds with Roger's experience too. Scenar therapy is extremely safe. There are no adverse side-effects and very few contra-indications. The animals usually enjoy having treatment due to the endorphin release experienced when the neuropeptide healing chemicals are released in response to the treatment signal. Horses will droop their lower lip and appear sedated, whilst dogs frequently become quiet and can go to sleep!!

Pain relief is extremely effective with Scenar. By triggering the body to heal itself at the DNA level, Scenar treatment will not mask an underlying problem but forces the body to address it, reversing the pathology. It is common to find that seemingly unrelated problems (even stable vices) and sub-clinical conditions can also improve.

Product CodeSCEOPB4H84
ManufacturerNatural Healing Solutions

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Quality repair

I wanted a long-term solution, not something that looked okay on the scan for five minutes.Kate Tarrant Professional Eventer

Scenar saved his life

Thanks to your help, my horse that my usual vet told me to shoot 18 months ago has just successfully completed a 50 mile endurance race and now looking to go even further! International Endurance Rider
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