Bespoke e-Lybra Treatment

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Bespoke e-Lybra Treatment

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Product Information

This is a bespoke homeopathic-like bioresonance formulation based on the BioData you provide that is used to match remedy signatures on a biofeedback basis.  These are matched from a database of approximately 300,000 energy signatures by running the e-Lybra programme for a 45 minute session.  A distance treatment is given by the process of running the programme. 

You will need to provide the following BioData in the box above for whatever individual requires a bioresonance formulation, eg. horse, dog, cat, person etc. Only 1 set of data per treatment.  A session can be directed towards helping support recovery from certain symptoms or can be used as a general support for maintenance purposes.

  1. Full name (include all middle names/show name/home or stable name etc).
  2. Species - horse/dog/person etc
  3. Gender - male or female
  4. Date of birth - please give this in "dd/mm/yyyy" format.
  5. Address - ie yard address for a horse, or home address for a dog or person.
  6. Address to send the physical remedy if different from the address given in 5.
  7. Details of any diagnosis and/or symptoms requiring energetic help.

The resultant remedy can be sent out as a bottle of programmed soft tablets or on a programmed e-Pendent.  An e-Pendent can be attached to a dog's collar or horse's headcollar/rug using a split-ring, or sewn into a rug so it can't be chewed/eaten.  An e-Pendent can be carried in a pocket so is suitable for people or for putting in a pocket attached to a horse rug. Please choose your option from the drop-down menu. If you already have an e-Pendent and you are doing a new treatment please choose the soft tablet option to save the cost of a new ePendant.

If you already have an e-Pendant registered on Roger's eLybra system in your name then it will be automatically updated from distance. If you have an e-Pendant but it is not registered then you will need to do so the first time either by providing the serial number or sending it to Roger to be read by the automatic reader built into the e-Lybra 9.

The formulation should be stable in the e-P for about 3 months after which time it will need to be re-programmed with either a new bespoke formula or your old one can be resent for the same cost of sending a generic formula.

"Every living being is an engine geared to the wheel work of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance."  ~ Nikola Tesla

Product CodeBES6JQHS18
ManufacturerNatural Healing Solutions

Customer Reviews

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No more seizures

Thank you for the pills. My lovely cat Bonnie is much, much better, and hasn't had a fit for 3 weeks. She has improved in every aspect. Thank you again for your help.C.H. from Kent, UK
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